Charles and Helena (Schulze) Fehring

Charles (who is sometimes referred to as 'Carl') was born on November 31, 1827. He was therefore about six when his father and mother died, and was apparently the oldest son, having two older sisters and two younger brothers.

Upon entering the United States, it appears that Charles Fehring quickly secured employment. We have seen reports that he made enough money in the California gold rush to buy farmland, but have not been able to confirm this. It is more likely that he, like his brother John George, worked in the East in various jobs, before coming to Wisconsin and purchasing land.

Charles married Helena Schulze, who had immigrated to the United States from Bugholz, Germany with her parents, John and Anna Marie Schulze and her sister Mary, in 1853. Bugholz was only 6 miles from where Charles grew up, so it is likely that he may have known the family.  We do not know if the Schulze's had other children as well. Upon reaching the United States, the Schulze family reported resided in New York for about five years and then settled in Wisconsin for a year. Charles married Helena.  His youngest brother, John George, later married Helena's sister Mary.

Charles and Helena

Charles and his wife Helena bought 40 acres of farmland in the town of Polk, near West Bend, Wisconsin for $750 on March 23, 1858. The property is fairly close to Little Cedar Lake and a stream from the lake runs through the property. With hills overlooking the home, the area is extremely picturesque. It has been described by some as very similar to the area of Germany which they are from.

Charles and Helena had 10 children -- Anna (Redig), John, Lena (Karius), Anton, Tillie (Weyer), Joe, Henry, Frances (Eschweiler), Mary (Kastner) and Lizzie (Weihnert).  The following picture was taken at their farm.  

Charles and Helena were members of St. Peter Church, near Slinger, Wisconsin. Charles died on March 11, 1884. It is reported on his death certificate that he committed suicide by jumping into a 70 foot deep well on his property. After Charles’s death, the farm was run by Helena and her second oldest son, Anton. On March 20, 1901, Anthon bought the original farm land by buying out the other nine Fehring children (i.e., he bought their share of the inherited land).

Helena (Schulze) Fehring, who was born January 18, 1840, died on October 9, 1902. The cause of her death listed on her death certificate was paralysis. Both Carl and Helena are buried in St. Peter’s cemetery.

Anna Fehring and Andrew Redig

Anna Fehring, the oldest daughter of Charles and Helena, was born December 6, 18xx. She married Andrew Redig (born June 15, 18xx), who was 24 years older. They had nine children:

  • Charles (born Jan. 28, 1885 and married Margaret Breit. Died Feb. 21, 1951.)
  • Philip (born June 15, 1887; married Elizabeth Speeter. Died Nov. 14, 1967.)
  • Helen,
  • Rose,
  • Mathilda (Sr. Huberta, O.S.F., born May 29, 1894, died Sept. 30, 1973.)
  • Barbara (St. Robertina, O.S.F., born May 9, 1892, died Jan. 16, 1973.)
  • Katherine,
  • Ann, and
  • Mary (Sr. Andrella, O.S.F., born May 26, 1900.)

Anna died on August 15, 1930; following her husband who died July 26, 1915.

John and Lizzie (Schoenborn) Fehring

John Fehring was the oldest son of Charles and Helena Fehring. He married Lizzie Schoenborn and had five children: Joseph (married Myrtle Beggs), Henry (married Aurelia Witt), Raymond (married Dorthy), John Jr. (Married Ermegard Melk) and Ruth (who married Jack Barker).

John and Lizzie Fehring with one of

their kids

Joseph and Myrtle (Beggs) Fehring

Joseph was the oldest son of John and Lizzie (Schoenborn) Fehring. He worked as a farmer and also ran a truck farming business with the municipal market in West Allis, Wisconsin.

The above picture shows Joseph Fehring (left) as a young child, along with his brother Henry.

After selling the farm he moved to the City of West Allis, and also worked for them. Joseph and Myrtle had seven children:

  • Jerome Joseph, born in 1917 and married to Loretta Kaltenbach.
  • Harvey, who married Pauline Marjenka,
  • Marvin, born in 1930 and who married Nadine Bowles.  They had three children together (Jeanette, Sheila and Marvin Jr.) and a step-son (Johnny Bowles),
  • Lawrence, who married Gladyce Bobke,
  • Marion, who married Ervin Mueller and had two children (Kathleen and Joyce),
  • Shirley, who married Gordon Liebl and had three children (Gordon Jr., Yvon and David Anthony),
  • Joseph, Jr., who married Marlene (Molly) Paul and had two sons (Ron and Randy).

Jerome and Loretta (Kaltenbach) Fehring

Jerome Joseph Fehring served in the Army during World War II, spending most of his six years in Australia. Upon completion of his military service requirement, he married Loretta Kaltenbach and they had five children. He worked for Heil Manufacturing and Bordon Milk for a time before employment at Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee, where he worked for many years, eventually retiring at the age of 66.

Jerome and Loretta had five children. 

Photograph of the Jerome Fehring family.  Pictured in the back row, from left is Thomas and Richard, middle row Jerry, Loretta and Carol, front row, Marilyn and Laurence. This photo was taken in the mid-1960s